The product

The product


Klipp-it® is protected by a pending international patent application. It is manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards. A quality product able to be used many times over with proper handling. Klipp-it® is fully tested by AFRC (Advanced Forming Research Centre) and can be used at least 20 times with no detrimental effect on its performance. By using Klipp-it® you will replace many single use applications improving your environmental footprint.

Why Klipp-it?

  • Klipp-it® is a product manufactured in the UK which has no moving parts. Simple to remove and engage. Practical and robust for working in the demands of industry.
  • Unlike many single use applications such as cable ties. Klipp-it® improves H&S as workmen do not require to use knives or cutters to remove.
  • Klipp-it® is a stock item. An essential part of your scaffolding inventory which can be depreciated over the length of use.
  • Klipp-it® can be applied to both horizontal and vertical tubes.

klipp-it for multiple applications


Klipp-it® is multifuctional clip system designed to attach banners, debris netting & sheeting, brickguards and cables to scaffolding

klipp-it to reduce waste

Reusable & Environmental

  • Klipp-it® is reusable and recyclable.
  • Manufactured using glass filled polypropylene.
  • Banners can be stored and reused as required.
  • Klipp-it® is a robust stock item that can be deprecated or amortised over its length of use.
  • Klipp-it® can be reused many times over. Tested to at least 20 times usage, no deviation in performance.

"People have appreciated the simplicity and robustness of the Klipp-it® product and as a general reaction many have said “why didn’t I think of this”. Klipp-it® is compared regularly with existing cable ties which have been with us since the 1950’s". Name here - Company Here

klipp-it for site safety

Colour & Safety

  • Klipp-it® is manufactured in fluorescent yellow improving health and safety. 
  • Klipp-it® an be easily seen for inspection purposes and collected for reuse, improving your environmental footprint.
  • Klipp-it® can be manufactured in different colours enhancing safety and brand awareness.

KLipp-it for multiple industries

How will you Klipp-it?

  • Construction sites.
  • Oil & Gas sites.
  • Events & Hospitality.
  • Advertising, retail and domestic application.

Are you ready to Klipp-it?

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